Free Write #2: Home Language

My home language I would classify as rather typical. We greet each other with the traditional “hello’s”, “How are you?”, and “goodbye’s”. At the dinner table, conversation is usually started by the usual “How was your day?” or “Did you learn anything at school today?”; these questions usually sputtered by my parents, or mainly my father. A thing about my home language that may be different from other people is the sarcasm and meaning behind what we say. We not only joke around with each other, but when we talk we are very sarcastic with each other. I’m not exactly sure who first started this pattern of sarcasm but it stuck well with my family. I don’t think my family have that much of an accent. We were originally from New York. My parents (who lived there the longest, obviously) do not carry a Northern accent anymore. Being in the south for so long, they have become accoustomed to the southern dialect. Though, I personally don’t think they have a heavy southern accent, but my opinion my be biased because I talk the same way that they do. Out of my five family members, I think my brother has the strongest southern accent. He was only six months old when we moved to Charlotte and he has grown up only knowing the southern, Charlottian dialect.


4 thoughts on “Free Write #2: Home Language

  1. I have a similar home language. My family is very typical in regards to how conversations go within our house but I can relate to you on the sarcastic aspects. My home language is almost always mixed with sarcastic comments and while that may be strange to some, it is completely normal in my house as well.

  2. My family has a generally sarcastic tone coloring everything we say. Ours started between my sister and I, we would use sarcastic banter as a staple in our conversations and it grew to be the way our entire family communicates. I think everyone thinks that other people wouldn’t understand why a family is so sarcastic with one another but I think that the sarcastic family is becoming more and more common with the new generations.

  3. In contrast to this, I never have had that experience of a non-southern family. Though, no matter what region that the family is from, most still use that sarcasm (mostly siblings). Its that sarcasm that really brings the family together, as long as it is not harmful.

  4. My family has a sarcastic side to it too. My dad is super sarcastic in everything he does. He has a blast teaching his students, laughs with and at them, and it is all in good fun. This also carries over to our home life. We hardly ever get through a dinner together without laughing at something one another did that day.

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