Class Notes 8/28/13

Class Notes August 28, 2013

Grammar Rants:

  • You’re, your
  • There, Their, They’re
  • Loose vs lose
  • No punctuation or adding spacing b/w punctuation
  • Y’all or ain’t
  • Would of
  • Except vs Accept or Effect vs. Affect
  • Drop’n Stuff
  • Text slang ex. IDK


Good vs. Bad Writing


  • Flow- making some connections
  • Clear & Short- to the point
  • Author’s intent & purpose must be clear
  • Appropriateness: according to audience and context
  • Description- bring your reader into the world you’re trying to create
  • Author(s) know what they’re talking about
  • Reader Experience as the author intends it


  • No value
  • Poor elaboration (lack of nondescript)
  • Long sentence construction rather than short & choppy
  • Grammar errors
  • Difficult to understand
  • No point, no purpose- can’t get to point
  • Contradicts itself


Rhetoric- the purposeful use of language


“Baby shoes: For Sale, Never Worn”

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