Discourses – 9/4/2013

Class Notes September 4, 2013



-Little “d”

  • Language
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Grammar – set of rules recognized by a set of people


-Big “D”

  • Thinking
  • Valuing
  • Principles
  • Actions
  • Feelings
  • Technology
  • Props
  • Tools
  • Dress


  • Being able to “fit” the moment


Motivations for being certain types of “who’s”

  • Depending on who you’re with
  • Status
  • We want things


We all play many roles in our everyday lives (ex. Friend, student, athlete, daughter)


Primary Discourse – Home

Secondary Discourse- Others

Lifeworld Discourse- regional


Acquisition- subconscious learning

Learning- conscious learning

-need balance between acquisition and learning in order to gain a certain discourse or role


Mushfaking- you are just doing enough to get by


What does discourse have to do with writing?

Writers want to get recognized. To be recognized you must know whom you are, your Discourses.


-What is good writing?


Video- Legally Blonde First Day of School:

The professor judged Elle Woods because she was clearly in a different Discourse. She dressed differently and had different tools than all the other students.




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