Class Notes 9/9/13

Carlin’s Story

-Some of us liked his writing and some did not. I personally liked the writing. It was very unique and entertaining.

Discourse Relationships

  • His dad’s Discourse was changed throughout the story. From sober to drunken, etc.
  • How the Discourses developed through the story
  • He developed his own Discourse out of resistance to his mother and father’s Discourse’s and what they wanted him to be.
  • His mom included several Discourses- money, judgment, religion,

George’s primary Discourse- comedian

-He takes the love of words from his mom but applies it in a different way

-That first laugh from his mother fueled him to become a comedian

-Paradox and irony working throughout his life and Discourses


Nuns and Mothers interaction-Discourses

-The mother disapproved and wanted her son to be accepted then the nun’s kind of turn it around and say what he is doing is okay and the mom changes her point of view.

-Carlin’s comedic Discourse

-The Nuns religious Discourse- modesty, not judging, honesty, treat others the way you want to be treated,

-They make a point in saying these things are already out there but they are you have to deal with it either way and at least George is keeping it within certain limits.

Vulgar- has changed

Family with Irish-Catholic background but with white-collar values

Questions for Film:

  1. What Discourses would you say Theirry is a part of?
  2. How does one gain membership into a new Discourse? Or, how does one get recognized as a new type of “who” doing a new type of “what” through Discourse?
  3. How does one’s Primary Discourse influence the “who” they become in a Secondary Discourse?
  4. Do any of Theirry’s Discourses conflict with one another? If so, how?


1. A Frenchman living in the US, a family man, salesman. He never goes anywhere without a video camera


-“Feeling of Danger”-“It made me feel good”

-Street Art needs documenting because it has a short lifespan

2. Theirry became a businessman to a filmmaker. You devout yourself and all your time towards this one thing I you truly believe. You truly believe this new thing you are doing and think that it has great significance. For example, Theirry was extremely passionate about filmmaking. He began to film everything and become involved in this new lifestyle. Theirry became recognized as that documentary because he would follow them around and film them. Theirry was no longer a sales man but the guy who was “making a documentary”.

3. It was discovered that he was really not making a documentary, but just saving all the tapes. This started as a result of his mother dying when he was a child. He was taken away from everything that had happened. He felt that everything was hidden from him. Therefore, he became compelled to document everything as he thought he would never get to see them ever again. Theirry’s primary Discourse as a child was almost an orphan whose mother had died. This caused the spark in the secondary Discourse of filming and filmmaking. This eventually does become his primary Discourse.

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