Class Notes 9/11/2013

Class Notes Continued 9/11/2013


Others Responses to the Question

  1. Family man at first, Filmmaking, Store owner, Entrepreneur, Friend (Discourse of Friend changes the values of what you are willing to do), Artist-street artist, Celebrity

-At first he followed the law, he then came rebellious with his art and filmmaking

Street Artist:

  • Dress- Hoody, clothes you don’t care about, dark colors, camouflage, running shoes, change of clothes, bag, mask
  • Technology- printers, spray paint, software/photoshop, computer, phones, camera
  • Place- Big City
  • Time- Mostly at night
  • Values- proving that you are a “badass”, the art comes first (not money), no snitching, secrecy, creating your own artwork and not coping each other, rebels,
  • Belief- street art has message and meaning and love and passion
  • Language- street art vs. graffiti,

2. Make connections/ knowing people, prove yourself, being validated, changing what you do to make others believe, truly believing it yourself



Change (Discourse, Lifeworld)

He doesn’t really fit the “Street artist” Discourse because he looks like a family man.

His mom died and caused him to become a filmmaker.

Technology causes troubles for street artists.

He kind of cheated the system… He became a street artist yet he didn’t spend that much time doing it.

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