Class Notes September 16, 2013: Life World Discourse


Lifeworld Discourse

-How society has changed its Discourse?

-We have 18th century values and Discourses of independence, male dominance, and roles in society.

-Changes in Discourses come from society- ex. Technology and students- Students used to have books but now we all use laptops and ipads.

History- Western civilization has caused us to become what we have today

Discourses change through history because that’s where we get our morals

Whenever there is a Discourse when someone wants us to change, the demeanor changes.

You change your Discourse when you change your environment and when your wants change.

-I think it can also change when you want something different in your life. Like if you want to be a successful college student, you will do your work and study. If you don’t want that for your life, you will not have the drive to be successful.


Ex. Perfumes in different cultures and they thought he smelled bad. Cultures are a part of our life world discourse.


Short Video:

  • The judge told off the lawyer for showing disrespect
  • He wasn’t fitting his Discourse of being a lawyer
  • His Discourses overlapped
  •  The different Discourses in the court room were displayed


Literacy depends on the society you are in. It is very contextual. How can we define literacy if everyone’s definition is different?


They would dress in clothing that are okay with getting muddy and dirty-typically plaid shirt, overalls, or cowboys boots

They value hard work, and down to earth things.

They may talk a little more country or southern.

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