Group Facilitation Free Write

The group facilitation today was good but I think it could have been better. It was not the group’s fault! The technology was not working on their side today. Overall, I think they did a good job talking about how the life world Discourse is changed and changes through different societies. I thought it was important when they talked about the history of the culture heavily affecting the paths of the Discourses. They gave the example of how the meaning and Discourse of being a “woman” in today’s culture is way different than it was back in the day. I think this helped me understand the changes that take place in society truly do affect a person’s Discourse. We all like to think we are “our own person” and do everything ourselves, but truth is that we are so influenced by our society and environment that we pick up on traits and aspects that we may not necessarily want to. An example of this would be being a college student. In the college culture and society, it is always portrayed that there are huge parties all the time and that is what everyone does. They never show people studying or doing homework. This affect can people’s priorities because everyone wants feel accepted or “cool”.

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