Life World Discourse Free Write: Excerpt from Tina Fey’s book

The Discourse I got from this passage was about being a woman in this society. Woman now a days have to deal with a lot, especially when it comes to appearances and how men in society view them. I think a woman’s Discourse should include being successful at a career and being confident and comfortable with yourself. When there are guys screaming out of cars at woman like they are pieces of meat, it is really degrading. Media also carries this out as well. They portray the “perfect” women as a tall, tan, skinny, and flawless. This has cause woman’s Discourses in today’s society to change. No longer are woman as concerned about being a down to earth stay at home mom, they are now becoming obsessed with plastic surgery and implants. This has also changed the dynamic of the standard relationship between husband and wife. Effects from the media have caused husbands to have impossibly high expectations for their wives. This sense of pressure can really build up on women and cause them to do things they normally wouldn’t have. These behaviors in a relationship cause it to become unhealthy and harmful. Sometimes men will even cheat on their wives because they find some “hot” girl to hook up with. On the flip side of that, women also will cheat on their husbands because they put so much pressure on them to be perfect.

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