Class Notes September 23, 2013

-Their identity is their Discourse.

-They had distinct Discourse. Example: They used different Spanish dialect with different people.

-Everything has a different culture

-It was oppressive in the way that society and culture made the Chicanos think that they were not good enough ex. Professor and not letting her teach Chicano literature

-The masculine form usually takes over. It’s sad in the way that they are oppressed.

-Why did her mom tell her to speak English when she was sending mixed messages herself?



-Consequences: positive, negative


English is a powerful language.

-Why should we have to make things in Spanish for other people? Why can’t they learn our language instead of us accommodating them?

-English is dominant but Spanish is a growing language that we have to accept

-I think as long as they are citizens of America…

-English as a fixed trade language?

–Different forms of English that come from different cultures and languages combined

-Language evolves according to the people who use it.

-Should we have a national language?

-No I do not think we should have a national language because it kind of closes off the option for some people to come over to our country. It limits the ability of opportunities people have in this country we claim is “the land of freedom”.

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