Group Facilitation Free Write September 30

Oh lets talk about my visit to France. While walking around the town in Toulon, France, my mom, sister and I got hungry. We stopped at this little café thinking it would be a good place to stop and get something to eat. We sit down and the waiter hands us menus that are all in French. Let me back track and tell you that we were on a European cruise and had been going to 7 different countries throughout the 12-day cruise. France was our last stop until ending in Barcelona, Spain. Every other country had English subtitles on their menus, except for France. None of us could read the menu and the waiter did not speak any English at all. You could tell from the second that we sat down that the waiter did not like us because we were Americans. This made me really mad. Why would they be treating us this way? Why do they hate us so much? I started to think if this is what it would feel like for them to come to America. I realized that as Americans we don’t accommodate our guests that well and that we sometimes even have stereotypes and prejudices against them, even when we don’t know them. As the waiter was stereotyping me as a dumb American I will admit I was stereotyping her as one of the rude, disrespectful French person.


2 thoughts on “Group Facilitation Free Write September 30

  1. I relate 100%. You get so mad when your being “disrespected” by another person in another country and you get really mad. Until you reverse the situation and realize that we do the same. When I was in Brazil and they realized I was from America, you could literally see the money signs in their eyes as they jack up the prices on me. I wish we could all get along better but I don’t think that will ever really happen. Countries will always have feuds and beefs with each other and have their opinions on one another, thats human nature. It kind of brings in the whole aspect of World Peace, something that I personally wish could happen but don’t think ever will.

  2. Even when I went to the Bahamas, they treated American differently. Like Rachel said, “you could literally see the money signs in their eyes”. No matter where you go, Americans can be easily spotted from a crowd. I guess it is because of the way we carry ourselves or how we talk. Though, some are blatantly obvious with their cameras and such. It makes you wonder how they know that you’re and American if they have not heard you speak or anything. Is there a recognition of some sort that distinguishes Americans from the French?

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