Class Notes 10/16

Literacies, Academic Discourses, & Conventions of Appropriateness

Group Facilitation


Conventions of appropriateness- understandings developed overtime about the kinds of behaviors associated with teaching and learning, which are, and are not, appropriate. Includes: academic behaviors in the classroom; kinds of interactions he of she has with students; whether and how textbooks are used.


Ex. Teachers




-Dress appropriately

-Age appropriateness




-Personal Life

-Trash talking


Examples of teachers- respecting your teacher also along with willingness to learn


In order to be literate in an academic discourse, one must be able to converse with someone of that specific in that discourse in a way that exemplifies their knowledge of that Discourse. There are “qualifications” in order to get into an academic discourse community. For example, an art major would have no idea what a physics major is talking about when explaining dynamic pressure. And vice versa; a physics major would not really know how to write an artistic reflection.


How to join an Academic Discourse?

-You must know the terminology and “language” of that Discourse.

-It is authority that oversees that certain Discourse.

-There are no magic steps or formula to get into a certain Discourse. 


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