“Shitty First Drafts”

Writing is never easy. Whether it is a paper or just a simple response, we as writers have internal conflicts with ourselves. We expect ourselves to be able to sit down and be able to write the “perfect” paper. I found myself relating to most of what Anne Lamott had to say about shitty first drafts. Shitty First Drafts was very well written and addressed this problem that many writers face on a daily basis. I liked this article a lot because I related to it so well. I put so much pressure on myself when I write. I expect my papers to be amazing on the very first try. When I write, I pressure myself to exceed my past levels of writing and thinking. This is where my problems occur. I just don’t know what to write. Making myself think past my comfort zone is definitely not an easy thing to do, like Lamott also states in the article. Typically, when I write I hand write a first draft then type a second one. I occasionally ask peers or some other person to help edit my paper. I also go through my papers and add things that will make the words run smoother and transition clearer. I would like to thing these methods are helpful and work for me. The one I think is the most helpful is the peer editing. This fresh perspective significantly improves your writing and viewpoint.


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