Genre Notes November 11, 2013

Class Notes


-Flexible and stable

-Created by social situations

-General (forms)-[ex. Five paragraph essay] knowledge not enough for use

-Can’t be defined but can be characterized/ described

-Characteristics: social, rhetorical, dynamic, cultural, situated, ideological, historical

-They can adapt and change.

–They can adapt and change BECAUSE they are social, rhetorical, dynamic, historical, cultural, situated, and ideological.

-Antecedents-a.k.a the parents of another genre

-Genre is working like an infinity sign-things keep building off each other and just keeps on going but changing at the same time-Ex. Twitter.

-Genre chains- roles that genres create other genres-genre-genre-genre

-Ex. Teacher puts up assignment [genre]-Student does assignment [new genre]- Teacher grades/ put comments [creates another new genre]-

-Genre creates situation just as much as situation creates genre.

-Rhetorical (characterization)- choices – you make choices based on what your audience to experience – Ex. Faulkner’s writing choice: to link it to the past

-Social- Roles and relationships- Genre as a whole is social- The social who we want to be relates and comes about in different ways in situations

-Dynamic- “the ability of genres to both respond to and affect situation is part of what makes them dynamic”

Historical- genres depend on previous genres, antecedent genres, for their development

Cultural- norms, values, customs, like big D, Discourses

Situated- “an instance of a genre”- ex. Slideshow for weddings, but what if played at weddings anniversaries or even a funeral- Changes the way the genre is acting

-Ideological- we have our values and ways of thinking and expectations that we subconsciously have and when broken we immediately realize it


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