Class Facilitation: Mediums, Modes, Genres, and Literacies

November 18, 2013

Free Write #1: Genre has characterizations but really has no set definition because genres are never the same and constantly changing. Some of these characterizations that help define genre include: Rhetorical, Social, Dynamic, Historical, Cultural, Situated, and Ideological. They help us get a grip on what genre really is. Genre creates situation just as much as situation creates genre. I am unsure exactly what medium and mode are in terms of English definitions. I know the math terms but not exactly the English ones. I am going to guess that they have to do with the audience and purpose of what you are writing.

Medium is the in between genres?

Genre is a classification, but everything has its own genre.

Mode- the manner in which an idea or topic is expressed or experienced.

-Ex. Instant messaging, texting, social media sources

Medium- is how you are saying what you want

Ex. Blog content is the mode but the medium itself is the blog and the computer

Literacies- not only the ability to read and write but the ability to communicate with the surrounding world

-Ex. Being able to communicate and socialize with those around you

Free Write #2: My ideas about mediums, modes, genres, and literacies have changed. And will continue to change like they have been for as long as I can remember. The definitions of these things are always especially for genres and literacies. Mediums and modes are a more stable concept. I learned that the English definition of medium is the means in which you communicate the message you are trying to get across. Mode means the manner in which an idea or topic is expressed or experienced.


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