Free Write #2: Group Facilitation-Academic Discourse

An academic discourse is chemistry. If you identify yourself as a chemist, I think you should be able to explain formulas, theories, experiments, and the periodic table. I am in no way literate for this academic discourse community. I could not tell you half of the things on a Table of Elements or how to conduct and experiment using chemicals and formulas. Being literate in this field means knowing the basic foundation of chemistry as well as obtaining more in depth knowledge about the subject. For example, a chemist would explain things differently to me than he would his lab partner. This consensual language between the chemists allows them to further advance in the field without worrying about having to make sure the other person knows what you are talking about. It is kind of like having to take a pre-requisite before you are allowed to take the class you want. Authority has to make sure that you are proficient and can function in that academic discourse community.



Free Write #1: Group Facilitation-Teacher Appropriateness

I once had a teacher that would only talk about her personal life. It wasn’t a big class, only one of about 15-17 students. There were about 6 students that would always sit near her desk and they would just talk to her the whole class. All the teacher would do was pass out busy work then go back and talk to those students. They were always loud enough to where the rest of the class could hear their conversation. They would gossip and talk about their weekends or their personal lives. The teacher even admitted to the students that she occasionally smoked at times. I even heard a rumor that she hooked up with one of those students, but it’s a rumor so who knows if it was true or not. This type of behavior from a teacher was extremely inappropriate in my opinion. At the time, I was a freshman in high school and didn’t care as much because I didn’t want to do actual work. But at certain times I would think about how this teacher even got a job or is maintaining her job if this is the only kind of behavior she displayed. She would often wear clothing that was absolutely not appropriate for teacher. This affected the way I acted towards her. I gave her respect to her face but in reality I actually didn’t. Maybe I didn’t necessarily respect her, more of the fact that I wasn’t rude to her. I didn’t take her opinions or her teachings seriously at all. I’m pretty sure I didn’t learn one single thing in that class.


End of Class Free Write: Importance of Group Facilitation Sept. 30

The most significant thing of today’s class lead discussion was the examples. The examples of different cultures and culture shocks that people experienced is what made the class I think. The examples helped to make us understand that although we say we know other cultures are different but we don’t truly experience it until it happens to us. It was significant also in the way we could express ourselves. We could tell a long story with lots of details, be funny about it, or cut right to the point. It also allowed us to get to know one and another better. It showed us that we are all similar in the way that we all have these experiences yet we are different in the way or context that we experienced it. I think your culture is directly tied to your Discourse. As these examples were being shared, I thought about how these cultures are not just a part of society but also a part of our Discourse. You wouldn’t be the same person with the same experiences in a different environment therefore you wouldn’t have the same Discourse(s) you have now. I think it is possible to alter and adapt to new cultures that get integrated into our Discourses.

Group Facilitation Free Write September 30

Oh lets talk about my visit to France. While walking around the town in Toulon, France, my mom, sister and I got hungry. We stopped at this little café thinking it would be a good place to stop and get something to eat. We sit down and the waiter hands us menus that are all in French. Let me back track and tell you that we were on a European cruise and had been going to 7 different countries throughout the 12-day cruise. France was our last stop until ending in Barcelona, Spain. Every other country had English subtitles on their menus, except for France. None of us could read the menu and the waiter did not speak any English at all. You could tell from the second that we sat down that the waiter did not like us because we were Americans. This made me really mad. Why would they be treating us this way? Why do they hate us so much? I started to think if this is what it would feel like for them to come to America. I realized that as Americans we don’t accommodate our guests that well and that we sometimes even have stereotypes and prejudices against them, even when we don’t know them. As the waiter was stereotyping me as a dumb American I will admit I was stereotyping her as one of the rude, disrespectful French person.

Group Facilitation Free Write

The group facilitation today was good but I think it could have been better. It was not the group’s fault! The technology was not working on their side today. Overall, I think they did a good job talking about how the life world Discourse is changed and changes through different societies. I thought it was important when they talked about the history of the culture heavily affecting the paths of the Discourses. They gave the example of how the meaning and Discourse of being a “woman” in today’s culture is way different than it was back in the day. I think this helped me understand the changes that take place in society truly do affect a person’s Discourse. We all like to think we are “our own person” and do everything ourselves, but truth is that we are so influenced by our society and environment that we pick up on traits and aspects that we may not necessarily want to. An example of this would be being a college student. In the college culture and society, it is always portrayed that there are huge parties all the time and that is what everyone does. They never show people studying or doing homework. This affect can people’s priorities because everyone wants feel accepted or “cool”.

Life World Discourse Free Write: Excerpt from Tina Fey’s book

The Discourse I got from this passage was about being a woman in this society. Woman now a days have to deal with a lot, especially when it comes to appearances and how men in society view them. I think a woman’s Discourse should include being successful at a career and being confident and comfortable with yourself. When there are guys screaming out of cars at woman like they are pieces of meat, it is really degrading. Media also carries this out as well. They portray the “perfect” women as a tall, tan, skinny, and flawless. This has cause woman’s Discourses in today’s society to change. No longer are woman as concerned about being a down to earth stay at home mom, they are now becoming obsessed with plastic surgery and implants. This has also changed the dynamic of the standard relationship between husband and wife. Effects from the media have caused husbands to have impossibly high expectations for their wives. This sense of pressure can really build up on women and cause them to do things they normally wouldn’t have. These behaviors in a relationship cause it to become unhealthy and harmful. Sometimes men will even cheat on their wives because they find some “hot” girl to hook up with. On the flip side of that, women also will cheat on their husbands because they put so much pressure on them to be perfect.

Free Write #2: Home Language

My home language I would classify as rather typical. We greet each other with the traditional “hello’s”, “How are you?”, and “goodbye’s”. At the dinner table, conversation is usually started by the usual “How was your day?” or “Did you learn anything at school today?”; these questions usually sputtered by my parents, or mainly my father. A thing about my home language that may be different from other people is the sarcasm and meaning behind what we say. We not only joke around with each other, but when we talk we are very sarcastic with each other. I’m not exactly sure who first started this pattern of sarcasm but it stuck well with my family. I don’t think my family have that much of an accent. We were originally from New York. My parents (who lived there the longest, obviously) do not carry a Northern accent anymore. Being in the south for so long, they have become accoustomed to the southern dialect. Though, I personally don’t think they have a heavy southern accent, but my opinion my be biased because I talk the same way that they do. Out of my five family members, I think my brother has the strongest southern accent. He was only six months old when we moved to Charlotte and he has grown up only knowing the southern, Charlottian dialect.

Grammar Rant: ‘There’, ‘Their’, & ‘They’re’

One grammatical mistake that we all frequently stumble upon is the incorrect uses of ‘there’, ‘their’, and ‘they’re’. I never have fully understood why they are used so incorrectly all the time! I see it at least four times every time I go on a social media sites. I honestly feel bad for people that don’t know the difference. It makes you wonder what kind of education they have received in their lives. I don’t mean that in a mean way, sometimes people do it by mistake, but you can certainly tell who knows the correct uses and who doesn’t.