Class Notes September 30, 2013

Culture, Literacy, and Discourse


Culture is changing faster than we know it.

We have to learn to accept certain aspects of our culture and other cultures.

Miss America clip- Talked about how Nina was the first Miss America winner to be criticized after winning because of her ethnicity.

Food- food is a huge part of culture. Ex. We were given cupcakes and French Biscotti. The French Biscotti was more earthly and natural tasting. The cupcakes clearly represented the American culture. Cupcakes are sugary and sweet and clearly genetically modified.

As we go to different countries, we experience different cultures. It makes us aware of other countries’ cultures and realizes the big and little differences. These different cultures create different Discourses.



One thought on “Class Notes September 30, 2013

  1. I know I’m commenting on notes but I like what you picked up on in class. You are correct, our culture does move faster than we know. You have a great analysis on the food thing they did in class. And the last thing you said is great. Traveling really can make us more aware of other cultures and can end up making us a better person.

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