Class Notes- Peer Reviewing 11/20

How does one help a writer out without being to harsh?

Be constructive, suggestive, and not mean.

Take into account the writer’s interests and aims. Make sure they aren’t getting off topic.

Push further than what we have learned in class. Use class info/ lessons as a base of what we have learned.

Consider the stage of the draft. Concentrate on the large picture: the paper’s focus; the content; the writer’s voice.

Worry more about the big picture and ideas/ content not the grammar and sentence structure.

Comments in the margin- give us the ability to comment in the moment and help them right there in the paper

Comments at the end- we address larger concerns, emphasize the key points of your response, explain and elaborate on issues you want to deal with more fully.

Don’t write all over her paper; not inbetween lines or over the lines of text. Write in your space and let the writer have theirs.

Make sure comments explain your complete thoughts because the writer may not know where you are if you don’t explain enough. Efficiently elaborate.



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